Spreading the Message of Jesus

Heaven expects those who follow him to give to others the experience of mercy and having peace with Jesus. Even if this is a battle to do this, there's no choice but to try and ask for help. It's about making yourself available in a places to share about the message of salvation. But it's much better to be impacted  by the Good News personally as this testimony that is going to convince others that Jesus is really the truth and the life. Really everyone is made to be a minister of God. It's just that people need to identify with this. and to agree to who God is and the way to know Him. The Father is longing for His children to help.


Here are some ideas that might be found helpful either to get started or to enhance your work for the kingdom of God. It's a good strategy to make it easy for yourself by using tracts, or signs. I have been using a hand-held sign for years. God uses this and your efforts like this to build up a curiosity that there must be something real in it. It's like the Moses and the burning bush was used for the same reason to get full attention leaving the pulls at the soul aside. That's why miracles and healings are extremely important for getting people to believe in the only supernatural and eternal God.


In cafes I found it effective to put the sign on a notebook or on the table. It gets good attention and brings God's presence into the atmosphere. God blesses our work and can use the smallest things that is done, even reading the Bible in public. Sitting at bus stops can be really good to talk to people. Here, it might be found to be preaching to a score or more of people while in conversation with one person.


Something that might spur you on to this particular part of ministry is that even if ten people made a firm commitment from your efforts they can reach many others on your behalf and these more still that can be like what happens in a bushfire. 


One last thing is that it might sound ironic that a lot of rest is found in the work of the Lord. For me, rest and peace are very similar yet different. I have an idea how to give insight into this. When scriptures are spoken out about the cross, promises about salvation and being a new creation, this along with doing God's will really accesses the peace to confirm we are walking correctly with the Lord. I hope this helps you to enjoy working to advance the kingdom of God.