A01 Do you know what God wants to do in your life?

It’s a blessing to share with you some things I have been writing about in a book about the Bible and a coursebook. It might be that after delving into the many stories and encounters of Jesus in the Bible that you sense there is still something you aren’t getting. I hope this article will shine light on these grey areas. What you really need to know is God’s heart: a developing relationship with Jesus along with spiritual friendships and ministry. In the beginnings of Moses’ life these last two purposes of how he was designed was missing. I’d say he would have become a spiritual leader forty years earlier if he had them. A ministry friendship he had much later was Joshua. For him, Moses was to be replaced by another man of God called Caleb as a co-worker in ministry. They already proved to be a perfect match in an assignment to spy out the land of Canaan while Moses was alive as you can read in Numbers 13. It’s a dreadful shame this spiritual ministry attachment didn’t continue. Both Joshua and Caleb missed out on being co-workers in ministry. I am sure this disturbed God’s work not only for themselves but also the whole nation of Israel. There might be something at the back of your mind if this has happened to you.

There is an amazing story of Mary and Martha in John 11. Their individual strengths compensated for their weaknesses in their newly developing spiritual relationship. This quickly had to develop into a stable progressive ministry friendship for both of their destinies and beyond. The truth is that they had to become good enough ministers for themselves first so that they could make an impact to train many others in what they have learned. I’d say they had no idea that one day they would be launched into a famous international ministry after the death of their brother Lazarus. The world’s eyes were suddenly upon them. They together became like two pillars.

This theme of God’s purpose continues in the story of Elijah who left without Elisha on a grand-scale mission to win Israel back to God. The pivotal point was in 1 Kings 18:16 when he was successful to put an end to the false prophets and helped establish the Lord to be the God of Israel. A lack of a ministry partner stifled God’s work to bring Israel back to the Lord so that only part of the mission was successful. The servant he had was no replacement for a co-worker as a spiritual friend. Godly training by team workers could have created the conditions for His people to live a life reconciled to God and not just to be convinced that He was real. The reality of these two parts of God’s heart, spiritual friendships and ministry, is that God is working on these around you in this never ending story. The reason for these stories and many more like them in the Bible is to reflect on how they affects us. I have learnt something to share with you from all this work I have been doing in these writing projects. It’s that God wants both purposes in tandem. When there is a void of spiritual life-term ministry friendships or the ministry itself He has an issue with and is likely to lead to losing spiritual battles. I wonder if you can see in your own life that God has been busy working on these. It would be great to see more clearly what He is trying to do to cooperate with Him. It will really help to have the spiritual eyes open to see the many ways the Lord wants to bless us. There is likely to be amazing opportunities to take of healing, destiny connections, ministry, financial blessings and much more if we could understand what He is planning around us. I want the work I’ve put into the writing to help establish a personal experience of Jesus with spiritual friendships and individual ministries by having a deep understanding of these and many more vital insights into the Father’s heart.

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