Ministry Program

Proposal for a complete course of knowing God through a program and Bible Stories Course

An extensive enjoyable comprehensive learning program will show how to have a real experience of God working in one’s life. Especially important would be to establish God’s work in one’s own personal life so as to help others to do the same thereby establishing one’s ministry.

Both courses are very engaging with many questions about the course materials. It allows for a discovery to see how to be impacted by applying what is learned. A publisher is being sought for two combined new courses as a complete coursebook. They are best to be worked on in tandem to give a thorough understanding of what God wants to do and wants to say personally and when investigating the stories in the word of God.

All materials made to be easy to follow and thoroughly Bible referenced.

Course One Steps about Knowing God

This course explains the exact things to do in a relationship with God. It’s based on a program of repentance and faith, listening to God’s voice, establishing ministry and ministry friendships. It will show what to do to be constantly tapped into God’s peace, presence and to have a deepening connection to what He is wanting in every moment. The exact way to follow God will be explained by understanding how the Gospel works and how it should be applied. It is a unique ten step program that is designed to be have a lasting impact.

The Spiritual Realm

There is a good description of the spiritual realm in various categories. This compliments course two. With this knowledge it can be seen what is happening in the spiritual realm that affects one’s own personal life. In addition, it will be used to understand what actually occurred in many events of the Bible events.

Description of Course One

Introduction Insights into the Gospel and the spiritual realm

Step 1        Essentials about God (Part 1 & 2)

Step 2        Cleansing the Heart Issues

Step 3        Developing a Forgiving Spirit

Step 4        Dealing with the Past Life

Step 5        Knowing the Word of God

Step 6        Listening to God’s Voice

Step 7        Missed and Lost Connections

Step 8        Working for God

Step 9        Spiritual Friendships

Step 10        The Power of Words


The Way to Know God

Spiritual Cleansing Resolving the past brings in the new life of Christ.
Discovering Ministry It’s very important to know what ministry each member of Christ is called to. There is great healing found by investing time and effort into this to become established.
Listen to God’s Voice People could be amazed how much God is speaking about all aspects of life. Knowing this makes it much easier to cooperate with what He is actively doing which He will bless.
Ministry Friendships Everyone needs friends that are interested in what is happening in a growing friendship with God. The best of these is a helper for God’s plans and purposes on the ground.
Evangelism Ministry There is a truth that when we move with what we know and what we can do God makes His word alive and real. What better for this to happen by getting involved in evangelism. It will set the day to focus on being a minister that the world desperately needs.

The Supernatural Ministry Praying for people for physical healing is not an end in itself but is a way to get people’s attention on God. Stepping out in one's authority is a great way to bring healing to oneself as well as to have a more complete conviction that Jesus is real and wants to help.
Ideally, God needs time with people to really get to know about the Good News and how it can be applied practically to life.
Every Christian is a very capable minister that needs to be seen. With evangelism training your church can experience a powerful change.
Now an extensive coursebook is becoming available for all ministry sessions.

Course Two The Bible Stories Course

It might be felt by many committed Christians to be missing something in their personal experience of God in their lives. In order discover to many of the stories of godly men and women in the Bible to see the true picture of what God was doing which can be directly related to real life. That is to say, it’s when one’s own life is seen in these stories they can become alive and real. For this experience to be consistent it is the work of the Holy Spirit. So being connected to Him is much better to receive a revelatory experience to be immersed in the stories. This is achieved as Course One particularly deals with spiritual cleansing and establishing ministries.

This course gives insight into God’s heart and where He exactly is moving for oneself personally and in the many stories of the Bible. Both courses are especially designed for this to happen. There are questions throughout to engage with the deep meanings of what is learned.

Description for Course Two

Contains 21 lessons

There are deep meanings that when  brought to light reveal the Father's heart.  It can be life-changing when we see how they relate to life.
Bible stories have so much spiritual treasure and mysteries for us to understand, take to heart and to find a way to apply it to our lives. Some of the main stories that will be covered are:

Moses, Joshua, Jonah, Mary and Martha, , David and Jonathan, Peter, Paul, Elijah and Elisha, Ruth, Samuel, and in Jesus’ ministry.

There are many instances in Bible stories that can be easily misunderstood or skipped over to be left as an unsolved mystery. This course is purposely designed to get to the real meaning and to find the right answers.

Book A Vision for the Church

As an option there is another book that is put together in line with the above. It can be considered as a more extensive course. Below gives a description that corresponds to the coursebooks one and two.

  • A vision for the church about the way God wants to establish ministry

  • Accounts of various stages of Bible Stories and events in the New Testament.

  • It gives a comprehensive understanding from the Scriptures of the program in course one. It’s clearly shown in many examples of the risks of a void of even one of the parts of the program and its practical application of course one. And also, the huge benefits of having all these aspects set in place in life.

  • Principles and Essential Doctrines of the Christian faith

  • Israel and its blessings


What is learned can be powerful when taken on board and applied practically. That’s why an aim of this course will be designed to show how to build a ministry and how to maintain it along with a successful growing relationship with the Lord.


Putting Theory into Practice

The Gospel is about a process of a life change and not just a 'sinner's prayer'. That's why this ministry has a purpose to make it easier to know what to do to apply the victory Jesus paid for. People need to be encouraged to be the ministers they are able to be. It's just about getting into a routine of developing a real relationship with Jesus while being active in His wonderful work.

Engaging with God

We are made to do this: to go into detail about what God is saying in His word and how it relates to our lives. In this way it will strengthen one's faith and make it easier to be active in each one's personal work for the kingdom of God.
A very good way to know God better is to see the things that happened in the Bible come together to form a picture of how we are made and what we are made to do. By knowing this you can have a deep understanding how to really experience God's inner work. And also, to act out being a new creation in Christ. There is a real peace and rest that can be found with this way to grow in the Lord.

These New Courses are ready should really fill a void about what exactly to do for a real experience of God.
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As the book and coursebook is in the process of being published the stories of the Bible, getting to know God is a real way gives a fresh vision for one’s personal spiritual life. It can be told about now as John McCarthy is available to spend time with your church congregation or for visits.