A Vision for the Church

I hope you like this vision for the church. What is good to share with you is about how Jesus wants to bring in His healing into the church. This is how it will happen. It's to live in the complete ministry to be reconciled to God in a proper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are two parts of this ministry for every believer in Christ. One is a prophet and the other a priest.

The Prophetic Ministry

It can happen that the Gospel has been hidden about where the dramatic change can be found. Some of the blessings of grace is when God reveals things that need attention. In a relationship with the Lord it's needed to give attention to listening to what He is saying about life.

The Ministry of Priest

The ministry of priest involves a process of cleaning out the corrupt ways and actions that are against God's nature. Without this it can be felt to get stuck in the same spiritual condition. Jesus died for us and once people to talk to Him about their sin in faith it opens the way to bring in the healing that He so longs to do. He wants to show things in your own life and the family generations that when dealt with can bring dramatic healing. Acting on this side of being a minister of God means to proclaim Christ's victory with intercession for others as well. There are obstructions to this new life in Christ  that can be removed.

God is Working

The above is a more complete way to live with God. Living in only one or partially in these roles hinders God's work.  It needs to be established in the church the combination of these two parts of being a minister.