Program Proposal

Spiritual Cleansing

There is great freedom in Christ in the process of cleansing the heart issues. It involves removing influences of the past that makes it easier to live as a new creation in Christ. Here is an idea about what to do in sequence.

1. Confession to the Lord Jesus will bring a covering of sin. 

2. When we say sorry for this afterwards it's more complete.

3. Then renouncing is powerful to claim to want to have Christ's attitude.

With renouncing throughout your life for specific sin even with a spiritual covering from the above process is really needed to cleanse your heart. This professes to want to continue to grow in a godly atittude. That is, it proclaims to identify with God's holy and righteous nature. While doing this the Holy Spirit purifies the heart and mind when you speak out scritpures about the cross and the blood of Jesus . This is God's way to bring in the healing everyone wants. It will bring clear ground to experience peace and spiritual freedom. It really is a training to know God and it's important to help others to follow in this same program.

When everyone has a group that wants to follow this way of cleansing and working on a God-called ministry it will be so powerful. It's exactly what God is leading the church to do. Jesus offers life and it's to work in the ministry of reconciliation. While training ourselves to live this new life the Lord comes alonside to help. It is really like God living with us as we are dedicated to show to turn away from the past life to embrace the new. The word of God becomes alive in this process with an active ministry.

If you would like to host this ministry please get in touch.