Growing and Knowing God Course

Growing and Knowing God  C01

Module One

Everyone is in the Body of Christ should be seen as a minister. The book 'The Way in Steps' explains exactly what is involved. Now with this new course it will give a complete knowledge on how to apply the Gospel practically for a real experience of God. It shows precisely how to follow the program to know and grow in God.


Understanding about applying the Gospel
Cleansing the Heart Issues
Developing a Forgiving Spirit
Dealing with the Past Life
Knowing the Word of God

Listening to God’s Voice
Missed and Lost Connections
Working for God
Spiritual Friendships
The Power of Words

Module Two

Revealing Bible Stories

In the book 'Mission for Groups' it covers many stories and accounts in the Bible explaining what exactly happened and what we really need to learn from them. An enjoyable course that gives a much more extensive insight into what exactly happened in the Bible can now be run in church congratations. It can  help to reflect on what's happening in life by understanding with the coursebook, 'Revealing Bible Stories'.

This should help to engage with the core questions that need to be asked of these stories. It can be discovered what was God's intention, why things didn't happen the way they were supposed to and why things went well.

There are techniques that make it easier to investigate these that can be learned from the book 'The Way in Steps.

In order to see the purpose of stories of godly men and women in the Bible it's better to understand the true picture of what God was doing which can be directly related to real life. That is to say, it’s when one’s own life is seen in these stories they can become alive and real.

There are questions throughout the coursebook to engage with the deep meanings of what is learned.

There are deep meanings in the Bible that when brought to light reveal the Father's heart. Bible stories have so much spiritual treasure and mysteries  and hidden meanings for us to discover, take to heart and to see what it means to our lives. Some of the main stories that can be covered are:

Moses, Joshua, Jonah, David and Jonathan, Peter, Paul, Elijah and Elisha, Ruth, Samuel, Mary and Martha and other accounts in Jesus’ ministry.

There are many instances in Bible stories that can be easily misunderstood or skipped over to be left as an unsolved mystery. The coursebook is purposely designed to get to the real purpose for us and to find the right answers.

Coursebook now available on Amazon 'Revealing Bible Stories' by John McCarthy

Some techniques to bring out what actually happened are:

  • Using time lines to reveal the heart of the Bible stories

  • Finding the heart of God

  • Comparing events to see how they relate to knowing God