Welcome to a website that is to help you on your way in a journey with God. There are revelations that should impart a fresh vision of for the church worldwide. These should inspire you in your personal life with Jesus. What is really needed to grow with God is to develop a repentant spirit to heal the past life and to establish your ministry in the new life of Christ.  With spiritual cleansing it becomes clearer ground to bring freedom in the new life in Christ. The way for this in the dynamics of ministry and long-lasting friends is powerful. Small groups with this combination is what heaven's heart is for everyone in the body of Christ.

Small Groups

There is plenty in the website to give you an idea why God is calling for small reptentant groups. A core of the relational connection in the church is found in these.  Just as a gardener removes weeds and establishes fertile land to grow plants, the same can be said about what should happen in every believer's life.   With the right helpful spiritual friends around it would make it more smooth sailing for success in God's kingdom. There is something also deep in Father God's heart - it's ministry! These groups can fill holes in the heart with His wonderful purposes.


It could be the case that you have already had in your heart to start a group. All that's needed is a common agreement to live with the Lord Jesus in repentance and faith. When these groups follow this pattern it should be life transforming. 

The Final Word on Small Groups

Since people are not made to live without long-lasting friendships in man's sphere within a relationship with God it would be a personal victory for both these in your life. Bear in mind that having spiritual friends is not a means to an end but to help to perform best for ministry. So active involvement in the ministry for reconciliation along with spiritual friendships is a good description of the mission.

'The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and my cup;
You support my lot.
The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places;
Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.

                                                             Psalm 16:5